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Silver Line Homes understands that your kitchen isn’t just another room in your house - it’s the heart of your home. A beautifully designed kitchen not only adds value to your property, it creates a living space you’ll love to spend time in. Whether a stand-alone kitchen or a large open-floor plan, Silver Line Homes can help you seamlessly blend your new kitchen into your home.

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Exteriors & Outdoor Spaces

Whether it is changing your paint scheme or adding dimension with dormers or a new porch, or building an outdoor living space, Silver Line Homes can help. Our design expertise will maximize the curb appeal of your home to get it ready to sell, or for your own personal enjoyment. We also can design and build a deck or patio that serves as an extension of your living space - an outdoor retreat that can make you feel as though you have your own private resort.

Modern Cottage

Renovations & Additions

For many homeowners who need more space, moving is not always the right answer. Once families establish close relationships with their neighbors and become part of the community, staying in their home and expanding it to fit their growing needs is often a more attractive prospect. Silver Line Homes can help you explore how to increase the size of your home by opening it up, adding rooms, or building upward to create a second level.

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Remodeling your basement is the most cost-effective way to increase living space without expanding property area. Silver Line Homes can help you take advantage of every available square foot and transform your unfinished basement into a comfortable hideaway, home theater, children’s playroom, gaming room, or a home office.

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Whether you’re looking to remodel a family bathroom, add an additional bathroom, or turn your existing master bath into a spa-like retreat, Silver Line Homes is here to help. We can turn your bathroom space, large or small, into an oasis that will ultimately give you as much bang for the buck as your kitchen. From walk in showers to luxurious spa baths, Silver Line Homes can integrate all of your needs into your remodeled bathroom.


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Do you like a dry crawl space or basement? We do! We can seal you crawl space and stop moisture from getting to your home. We use a 30 millimeter plastic and tape to completely seal the area. 

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